Full Beaver Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus | November 2021

The Paranormal Pagan

Tonight, and tomorrow morning, we will see the full Beaver or Frost moon at its peak. At approx. 8:59 AM (GMT) on the 19th, the moon will be at its absolute fullest. The moon will also be undergoing a partial lunar eclipse, otherwise known as a Half Blood Moon, as part of its travels through the Earth’s full ‘umbral’ shadow.

This eclipse will be the longest in 580 years, lasting approximately 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 23 seconds (estimated by NASA)! This will begin at around 7:19am on the 19th, will reach its maximum at 9am and will end at 10:47am. Though barely visible in the UK, some of us may be lucky enough to see it if we try hard enough. Regardless, the energy will be so high, we won’t want to miss the opportunity for charging crystals, collecting moon water, performing spells, and manifesting our desires.

A full…

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