Chapter 29: Ragnarök

Bambootriangle Translations

The blood moon disappeared behind the dark edge of the cliff, the narrow streak of sky above his head still had a faint reddish hue.

A silver-gray shadow swished through the gradually dimming shadow, like a fast and silent breeze, sliding through the gasp between the stone wall and the ground.

The dense dark elements flowed through his fur, leaving a burning pain on the unhealed wounds.

The strong muscles that haven’t been used in a long time emitted exciting soreness when they contracted and stretched, stimulating his nerves, blood rushed through the body quickly, sweeping like river through his ears, and a current of excitement surged.

Elinor stopped suddenly once in a while.

He raised his head and sniffed the air, his fluffy pointed ears turned vigilantly, catching the slightest fluctuation in the air.

That human being was very skilled in covering up his whereabouts.

This brought great difficulty…

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