Viruses Are Not Contagious the Implications of Rosenau 1918


A review of Rosenau’s bombshell 1918 study on the spread of influenza and a brief discussion of the logical implications that flow from it.
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The navy doctor injected the 1918 WW 1 virus & got no illness clearly hard for the big but onviously emerging fletcher rockfeller, petro medical, pharma cartel was coming up from the graveyard which is what the spirit world since the big lies of germ theory is and also touches the idea of 1st nations being felled by our germs > I don’t believe it as when in high school stories in history the white man was within range when the 1st nations got sick in large numbers. The problem with that is the First Nations when encountered often could be knew about trading since all 1st nations traded with each other far far more than any violence between them.

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