Third World Ideologies Diagram

The Fourth Estate

“We need constant thinking from our youth and not just any thinking but a serious and thorough reworking of the great circumstances in the present World Economy and World Politics [supported by] hard data and historical evidence. We cannot solve [any political questions] if we do not know exactly how it relates immediately to the political combinations in England, Russia, and America, and [elsewhere beyond the] knowledge of practical relations. [Any] advancement [in World Economy and World Politics] depends on our foreign diplomatic methods, as is the case in the fields of [Socialist Financial Technology] and [Economic Socialization].”

-Oswald Spengler, Political Duties to German Youth, ca. 1924

“Diversity in Conscience and Community, Unity in Discipline and Action.”

Okay, The Fourth Estate has the “Work-Standard Symbol” and the “Hamiltonian Federalist Socialist Symbol” derived from the Federalist Party Cockade. The next logical step is, naturally, the “Third World Ideologies” for those people…

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