White Supremacy Fetish

Banned Hipster

If it is a fetish, you can’t criticize it, because that is judgemental. So if you happened to have a fetish for really white women, and white culture, and really white music, well that just means you are Same-Race Attracted.

Baby, I was born this way!

My eyelashes are seven feet long, people stop, they stop and stare
They wanna know if I got ’em glued on but I woke up and they were there
I was born with make up on, mani-pedi, and everything
Normal babies whine and cry, but I could only sing
You don’t even know what to do with me
I came from your cotton candy dreams, oh
I’m softer than a daisy, if you cut me I’ll bleed pink
I’m bleach blonde, baby, that’s how God made me
Not everyone was born this perfect
But, it’s just my burden to bear
I’m bleach blonde, baby…

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