Why the Average Civilian should study Asymmetrical Warfare

This is absolutely excellent

The Tactical Hermit

From the Archives, 2015.


I got asked this question the other day by a close friend and it occurred to me that I had never really plainly answered that question on this blog, even though I talk about the subject frequently. I think the best way to approach this subject is through historical precedent. It is no coincidence that in the study of Asymmetrical warfare, that the historical study and analysis is often the first step in understanding how to apply the principles of GW (Guerilla Warfare) in a practical and concise manner. So it is fitting that this same historical analysis be the very thing that quantifies it and makes it relevant to the “Average Joe”.

Since the beginning of time, man has sought to have power over other men. Before Democracy was birthed, we can read in volume after volume of history books about the terrible political experiments…

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2 thoughts on “Why the Average Civilian should study Asymmetrical Warfare

  1. An actural science of cause and affect!

    “If your “still” sceptical of this happening then one should take note of; as and when, those who scurry to fill the collateral damage vacuum once the “Phony Coroni” ban is lifted ie bankruptcies = moving titles in commerce = takeover bids (Jew plunder) which will expand their “Yiddish Portfolios R Us”.

    I wonder how many Israeli start-up businesses or even oriental looking Kaifeng or Harbin Jew land lords will arrive in your area “well-poised” to fill these global voids. These are the Yiddish rats who have secured for themselves a collective tribal money laundering criminal network of drug lords, Banks and a “Shetar” gate keeps within all occupied nations who constantly “hex” and blend in tighter top-down foreign administration having used an “actuarial dialectic science” of “cause” and “effect” that the enamored masses can’t/won’t accept or even see these abnormal cohin’cidences as being a Zio-Communist trojan horse.”

    The Phony Coroni


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