The Pan Third Position Idea by The Professor


Before I define what Pan Third Positionism is I need to define what the Third Position is. The Third Position is a collection of different ideologies that share the values of revolutionary nationalism, socialism, social conservatism, and the belief of transcending the boundaries of left and right. Some Examples of third position ideologies are fascism, Baathism, National Syndicalism, National bolshevism, Falangism, Peronism, and Distributism.

What is Pan Third Positionism? A Pan Third Positionist is someone who sees national socialism as a major internal problem in the Third Position due to it being the reason why the rest of the Third Position being discredited along with many of its followers who advocate for race war, racial superiority, and seeing race as the only factor that defines a people identity. A Pan Third Positionist rejects this because of national socialism’s narrow mindedness and doesn’t see how there are many countries like the…

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2 thoughts on “The Pan Third Position Idea by The Professor

  1. “Are you aware that the controlling mechanism for the powers that be is money!; and to safe-guard that control the cunning (((crime families))) use “race”, “Antisemitism” and “distorted archive film footage” to attack or suppress the last line of defence within all nations, the real “Nationalist” who consciously pursues all the above “Social” remedies for it’s folk of each respective nation which is proof enough that (((they))) attach “money” to “race” and why (((they))) hate race politics and why (((they))) media platform truth as hate with politically correct semantics to oppress opinion while rolling out back door communism.

    Race and nation is the the enemy of the (((Central Banker crime families))) because it is the rout to “Autarky” secured within the “Gottfried Feder economic model”.

    “(((Central Banking)))” or “Interest Free”?

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    1. Good evening Peter,

      Thank you for engaging with the blog here. I wanted to acknowledge that I have received your comments and that I welcome commentary although I am fairly new at carrying out dialogue. Please allow me some time to review your commentary.

      I wanted to acknowledge that I’ve received the comments and I will follow up on them all.

      Have a pleasant evening,


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