Paranormal America: Massachusetts: S6 EP74

The Paranormies

Reinhardt is still off training Jack’s otters, so the rest of the gang take a trip to one of the most haunted places in America: Massachusetts. From Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, and Puckwudgies, to sea serpents, crazy lizard fish, and all sorts of other cryptids, Massachusetts has the Creepy Crawler angle covered. Witches? Ghosts? Haunted places? Massachusetts is absolutely famous for them! Theres even Tartarian insane asylums, castles, and other inherited buikdings to explore. Let’s get /comfy/ and taka a drive up to the Cape to see what paranormal things lie in store for us in Massachusetts, shall we?

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, and Jack the Intern

Break Music: Quartered, by Russian Circles

Creepypasta: Urges, read by Jack the Intern


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