FTN 455: Small Hat-Trick

FTN 327: Rise and Kill First – Birth of Jewish Terror fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – Rise and Kill First 00:13:00 – Jews are the Real Terrorists 00:35:00 – Doctrine of Chutzpah 00:48:00 – Making Sense of Shin Bets and Bayonets 01:00:00 – Israel's Greatest Hits (and Flops) 01:37:00 – BREAK 01:38:00 – Lack of Existential Propaganda 02:10:00 – Totally Based Obama 02:25:00 – 2016 PSY Op 02:35:00 – Deepfake the Nation 02:45:00 – 535 Congress Do 69 Israel 03:01:00 – Outro
  1. FTN 327: Rise and Kill First – Birth of Jewish Terror
  2. FTN 457: Bloch Lives Matter
  3. FTN 455: Small Hat-Trick
  4. FTN 453: David Portnotagoy
  5. Vlad the Impaler Halloween Deep-Dive

Jazz and James embark on a double lighting bolt round in the first-hour updating you on positive developments in all three Jewish show trials, Pfizer Jew Al Bourla says those spreading COVID “disinfo” aren’t just bad people – they should also be criminals, the Biden vax mandate is suspended by the 5th circuit court twice in a week, explosive inflation and financialization of inexpensive consumer goods signal the limits of the post-WWII capitalist system, Ron Klain is at the center of declaring parents opposed to CRT terrorists, and the Jewish double standards at play in shaking down James O’Keefe.

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