“Civilization Calls: Wake Up America!”

The Fourth Estate

1800: American youths when the Jeffersonians overthrew the Federal government.
1920: American youths when World War I ended with the Old Versailles Treaty.
1990: American youths when World War II ended with the New Versailles Treaty.

Workshops and Museums

2014 Map of all 35,000+ Museums in the Lower Forty-Eight.

We live in a world that resembles on the one hand a workshop, and on the other a museum. The difference between the demands these two settings place on us is that while nobody is forced to see in a workshop anything more than a mere workshop, in a museum setting there is an atmosphere of edification taking on grotesque forms. We have arrived at a kind of historical fetishism standing in direct proportion to our lack of productive capacity. And it is a comforting thought that, because of some secret correspondence, the development of more monumental means of…

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