We are Destroying the Lives of our Young with Experimental COVID Injections

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HealthImpactNews Published August 14, 2021 325,140 Views

Rumble — From age 12 to those in their 20s, formerly healthy young people are now dying and being permanently crippled by the experimental COVID shots.

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The facts are clear and undisputed even by the CDC: Children and young adults have a nearly zero chance of dying from COVID-19. So what’s the rush with injecting them with a science research experiment that has no long-term knowns beyond a few months?

Even more so, why mandate it when teen after teen is developing blood clots and having heart attacks and other heart issues? Why give it to children under 12 now, when reports were already coming in as of August 2021, of myocarditis, heart attacks and neurological problems in 12-year-olds?

A slide show asks these questions, with report after report of youth deaths and injuries. In it, one teen…

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