Project Veritas, Zionism, And The FBI

Banned Hipster

The United States has a one-party system: the Democratic-Republican party. They are both owned by the same people – Zionist Jews such as Miriam Adelson, wife of Donald Trump’s number one funder, Sheldon Adelson. The Adelson have never made any secret of their “single loyalty” to the foreign state of Israel in occupied Palestine. Who was Sheldon Adelson? Notice how he was always referred to by a euphemism, “casino magnate.” AKA, “organized crime kingpin.”

Adelson, who with her husband formed the Republican Party’s most powerful donor couple for the last decade, quietly held meetings in her Las Vegas home with a select group of GOP leaders and potential 2024 presidential candidates in the last few days. It represents a coming out for the 75-year-old Adelson, who has kept a low political profile since her husband’s death in January, turning down requests for sit-downs with candidates and keeping her multibillion-dollar checkbook…

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One thought on “Project Veritas, Zionism, And The FBI

  1. “Donald Trump’s inauguration was like a bar mitzvah here…. In Obamas case, on one occasion in 2015 unconstitutionally had to remain absent to allow the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address the US congress, and all told received 25 standing ovations from a full house of ‘boot lickers’ like he is some sort of global superstar here…”

    Plunder part 10 of 10 …. Summary

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