What is Juche ?

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Juche political system

Unbeknown to us we may have an ally against Zio-Marxist/Maoist China and worldwide Jewish Zionism in the country known as

North Korea!!

Chinese JewsThe usual reason for Zio-Marxist China and Jewish Zionism to feed us misinformation about a land and its leader is because it is in opposition to (((Zio-democracy))).

North Korea is a nuclear power with 25M+ inhabitants all on military standby in case of an invasion from Zio-China.

China is financed by the (((Jew banking crime families))), consequently this indicates that North Korea may have something to offer nationalism and suggests that the racially aware Caucasoid/Aryan/European folk should pursue a detailed study of North Korea’s political system.

It would be good to know if North Korea truly is a friend or foe to all National Socialists around the world who are beginning to reach out to other nations vulnerable to…

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6 thoughts on “What is Juche ?

  1. This is a short introduction to DPRK (North Korea) through its music – and featuring The Moranbong Band in particular. (See Leon Allan Davis links below.)

    As an appetiser, here is

    • Moranbong Band (DPRK) featuring cellist Yoo Eun-Jong (Song: “I Know Only You”)

    The lead violinist and band leader is Sonu Hyang-hui

    Moranbong band = Moran Hill or Tree Peony Peak Orchestra
    [tried to insert a picture of tree peonies]

    • “General Star” (Piano solo: Kim Yong-mi)

    or something a little more upbeat …

    • “Sound of horse hooves in Mt Paektu” (featuring each of the musicians individually)

    • Arirang

    The desire of all Koreans for UNITY is exemplified by the song “Arirang” – a Korean folk song, often considered the unofficial national anthem of a unified Korea.

    • From South Korea – Yuna Kim (world and Olympic champion) skates to “Arirang” – Vancouver 2010

    • From DPRK (‘North Korea’) – Moranbong Band performs “Arirang”

    • or the New York Philharmonic if you prefer

    • Leon Allan Davis

    Leon’s interest in DPRK arose out of stumbling across the Moranbong Band and DPRK music in general. As with all rabbit holes, the reality is far from what we are ‘supposed to believe’ in the Jewish-controlled media..
    Leon gives a very scholarly talk on topics that interest him from time to time

    • The Reunification Song

    • The Problem of North Korea

    • Eva Bartlett (yes – that’s the intrepid Eva K Bartlett of Gaza and Syria work)

    Eva (https://ingaza.wordpress.com/) started her international investigative journalism in Gaza but (among others) has been courageously instrumental in bringing us the truth about Syria. She recently went to the DPRK to see for herself …


    • Miscellaneous ‘promotional’ material – some light propaganda

    • Korean Socialism – Human Rights (ethnic nationalism comes to mind)

    … More from the Moranbong band … highlighting their exquisite classical talent

    • “Zigeunerweisen” (Gypsy Airs 1878 by the Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate)
    (Lead violinist Sonu Hyang-hui is truly world class)

    • “Csárdás”

    … Moranbong Band ENCORE(x3)
    (It’s hard to limit to just a few favourites)

    • “Soldier’s road” (featuring Kang Phyong-hui Guitar solo)

    • “Without a break” (I love the guitar work!)
    • (Kim Jong-un is an Eric Clapton find, by the way)

    • “Mungyong Pass”


    • Ri Sol Ju: Soldiers’ Footprints

    … and did you know that Ri Sol Ju is the First Lady of DPRK (Kim Jong-un’s wife)?

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  2. More shortly but I wanted you get a short taste and appreciation of the Moranbong Band (DPRK)

    • Moranbong Band – Glorious and Admirable

    (featuring band leader and lead violinist and Sonu Hyang-hui; the cellist is Yoo Eun-Jong)

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  3. I am not convinced they still have a grip on China (who remember the Century of Humiliation at the hands of the likes of the Jewish Sassoon dynasty leading to the Opium Wars.

    Thank you to “Vermont Folk Troth’ for that upload. That documentary was also featured on the channel 푸옹 Phuong DPRK Daily which is about as authentic as you can get in explaining and promoting the idea of DPRK Juche.


    The copy of the documentary ‘PROPAGANDA’ that she uploaded.

    also features the comment by

    “It is not a DPRK documentary. It was made by some film makers in New Zealand and a south Korean actor Eugene Chung living in New Zealand was involved(and was questioned by the south Korean Embassy in New Zealand ) . There are several mistakes in the film such as criticizing the DPRK’s African ally Zimbabwe and also footage of the DPRK is from early 2000s not contemporary . However it is very good critique of capitalism.“

    See his channel via this introduction:

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