Population Growth still on Track – COVID Makes No Difference

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Some time ago (at least 2 years) I predicted, based on global population clock figures, that the 50 year trend of an average annual growth in human beings on planet Earth, of something in the low 80+ millions, would continue for some time yet and may, all things being equal and barring catastrophes (which do not include mild, so-called pandemics), never cease to divert from that number – given the length of time it has already held steady.

I said that at the end of 2021 the total population would be 7.92 billion and, with a further 80+ million added in 2022, actually reach the 8 billion total just before the end of that year.

Well, last night I sat watching the daily tickers on Worldometers ticking over as midnight approached where I am, for the purpose of checking what the current setting is for 24 hours growth. Just before…

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