Naval Intelligence — Agents of Change

Fix Bayonets!

The early days

By 1861, America’s military traditions were already well established.When America needed an armed force, it recruited one.When the United States no longer needed an armed force, they disbanded it.In the minds of our founding fathers, there was no reason to maintain a standing military force.Why?Because in the experience of American colonists, the British used its standing army to enforce tyrannical edicts from the Parliament.[1]

By 1875, a decade after the end of the American Civil War, the United States Navy had deteriorated due to the neglect of Congress and the Navy’s senior leadership.The Navy’s ships were rusting away, its officers had grown apathetic and unprofessional, and (when compared to the other significant navies of the world — Britain, France, Russia, Japan) the US Navy appeared in last place.It took the United States government another five years to realize that the condition of the Navy demanded a…

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