My invention: An affordable anti-counterfeit solution using telephone confirmation

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Comment by tonytran2015: Please note that this method has been published here. The PDF file provides a time stamp. No-one will be able to apply for any patent on it. 😉 😉

An affordable anti-counterfeit solution using telephone confirmation,

31 October 2021

Computer accessories, expensive clothing, beverage, perfumes and now medicines are being attacked by counterfeit makers.

The following is my simple solution to such a problem.

1. Participating manufacturers must pay a Specialist Authentication Service Provider who supplies a 24 hours telephone service to answer any long (multi-digit) number sent to it over the phone.

2. There is no limit to the number of paid phone calls sending authenticating codes to the Specialist Authentication Service Provider (who originally supplied the codes to the participating manufacturers).

3. The cost of the authenticating phone call is a cost a consumer must bear to find out if…

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