My Two Cents on the Rittenhouse Trial

The Tactical Hermit

Like a lot of you I have been following the Rittenhouse Trial and to be honest up until this point I am not sure why a Mistrial has not been declared due to the Prosecution’s GROSS Misconduct in questioning or Charges Dismissed (Directed Verdict) after the testimony of the Prosecution’s main witness, Grosskreutz, basically exonerated Rittenhouse and proved he acted in self-defense.

Barring all of that, what I wanted to say was this:

After watching the video below of Rittenhouse’s testimony and his emotional break down, it is my firm belief this young man is being truthful and is 100% suffering from PTSD.

I am here to tell you: You don’t get TRUE PTSD from some trivial school yard scuffle or being called a Politically Incorrect name! You get it when you are having to FIGHT for your LIFE!

I have seen it a thousand times and I can recognize…

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