Woke Capital


Woke capitalorWoke capitalismare usually negative terms for “woke” for-profit individuals and organizations supportingpolitical correctness. In addition, some of those who brand themselves as “non-profit” may in reality have for-profit motives, one argued example being theSouthern Poverty Law Center.

There may be various motives for such support, including:

  • In order to receive increased donations and state funding, for those involved in activities such as those associated with “refugees” and “anti-racism“. See alsoPolitically correct Internet activism organizations.
  • As part of advertising and brand image.
  • As in effect extortion money, hoping to by giving money in support of some “woke” cause to avoid being targeted by the “woke”.
  • In order to reduce or stagnate wages by increasing wage competition due to themass immigration.
  • In order to divide employees by increasing the “diversity” and the

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