With global unemployment at 221 million, why do we accept third-rate AI?

The Slog


I had another little run-in with Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Monday. A close friend had recommended some vitamin supplements, and so I went to a French site, painstakingly looking up each product and adding it to my basket. We’re talking about an order in the region of €500. The AI on the site confirmed that I was “a member”…I had no recall of that, but I duly signed in and clicked ‘I forgot my password’.

I was then told that my gmail address (the one on this site I’ve been using for twelve years) was ‘invalid’. There was no “but we can send you a new password if you like”. Just “compu’ooter sez no”.

In the first place, there’s no big security issue here: I wanted to stock up on some recommended vitamin products, not half a kilo of cut heroin with some crack…

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