Where Did The Creators Go

The American Sun

Submitted by Withered Rose

October has been a month of content consumption. Aside from my own consumption of Cowtails, KitKats, and hot apple cider, the right was in a consumption frenzy over Squid Game and Dune. I watched Squid Game, and I will watch Dune after I finish the book, and I understand the appeal of both. Squid Game is a softer version of Saw, but this time the dying old man running the game (who also inserts himself into the game) is not trying to reform his players, rather he is a member of the global elite who, having run out of the vanities of life, entertain themselves with gamified murder. It might be truer to say it is a much softer version of Hostel in that regard. For a crowd naturally hostile to the current elite, it makes sense that seeing a movie portraying the rich and powerful…

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