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Alternative Thinking 37

UPDATE November 12, 2020

Yesterday ‘Remembrance Day’ would have been a more appropriate day for the following entry. Yes humanity has forgotten.

The following image/text with our added insights came from the book The Great Pyramid Decoded by E. Raymond Capt, whose source was The Great Pyramid Its Divine Message written by H. Davidson, and D. Aldersmith.

The first line states …

“By means of reflexions and shadows, the Great Pyramid became the great sundial of Egypt, not only for the days and hours, but for the seasons of the year.”

Great Pyramid Reflexions Shadows Great Sundial E. Raymond Capt. SHOSTIK crucified vs orant

Our intuition suggested we rotate the image to gain another POV.

Solstice position is victory/surrender and the equinox seems to be associated with being ‘crucified’, however both positions can be found related to the cross and being crucified.

Great Pyramid Reflexions Shadows

The above AHA where SURRENDER is VICTORY will be explored further in this blog.

UPDATE January 20th, 2020

A one minute…

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