The definition of National Socialism


Hitler and Maria “Mitzi” Reiter

NATIONAL SOCIALISM is NOT right-wing radical and never was! The emphasis of the word is on “Socialism”. What kind of Socialism? National Socialism! It is patriotic and it harms the financial elite!

Marxism, Communism and Bolshevism is all internationalSocialism and it is Jewish and gives the rich and powerful unlimited control over humanity and makes them even more powerful. Their closest aides benefit too because they get privileges. The rank and file are being ripped off in the end.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIALISMnever comes from the people but is forced on them from the outside by the financial Jewry and its vicarious agents by all means.

In the past, these Communists, whose leaders were almost always Jews, chose brute force. Since 1945 the methods have become more subtle; infiltration, destruction, brainwashing, disinformation.

Almost all demonstrations are always professionally organized, internationally controlled and massively supported by…

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