Peter Zeihan: Prepare for All Hell Breaking Loose

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Podcast Interview of Peter Zeihan by’s Scott Horton:

An interesting dialogue between geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan and Scott Horton of fame.

Zeihan continues his argument laid out in his books, Accidental Superpower, Absent Superpower, and Disunited Nations, that as the US stops playing the global policeman, the world will slide into regional anarchy.

China is not the only country that owes its viability to the US global safety net. But China has leveraged more and has the most to lose as the US backs away from its role as the global Atlas, as in “Atlas Shrugged.”

Taiwan may be the target of the CCP in its chaotic confusion, for the simple reason that the party leadership needs a scapegoat in order to keep the people from understanding the mess that the leadership has gotten them into.

Without its foreign companies and foreign input, China loses…

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