“Lord give us this day our daily bread” ~ the 2D CHIRAL World TEACHER appears ~ an Intelligent Design ~ NaNo World APPLICATIONS for the Swastika and emerging Photon Science in the 21st Century

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UPDATE April 11, 2018

Came across this today, a significant find, posted by Alice C. Linsley.

The link between solar symbolism, wheat, threshing floors, and bread is extremely archaic. It appears everywhere among the R1b peoples, as far as I can determine. I am reminded of this:


Irish Maslin bread

The most common solar symbol was the 6-prong rosette which is found to this day on Irish Maslin bread (shown above). Some Maslin loaves are decorated with an oak leaf on top. Maslin bread is the oldest known bread eaten by the Celts. It was the bread of common folks, containing a blend of wheat and rye flours. The rosette is a solar symbol.

What about Lord give us our daily challah?

~ end of UPDATE ~

Božićni Kruh Christmas bread,loaf marked with solstice sign,
Božićni Kruh Christmas bread
Loaf marked with solstice signin
Livno, western Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1970
source of image: https://www.facebook.com/Suppressed-Histories-Archives-333661528320/

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.

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