Give Me That Old Time Nationalism

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The Sperg Box

The topic of Ethnic or Petty vs. Racial or Pan Nationalism is such a one that comes close to home for me. I preface this with full disclosure. I am an Ethnonationalist, first. White Nationalism is secondary for me. I have a (I’m told) unique pedigree. My patrilineal name can be traced backward to Suffolk, England in 1400. My name is almost certainly older, however personal names among the English are a comparatively late invention, becoming popular during the reign of the Plantagenet Dynasty circa 1300s. My family even has a (I believe mythical) hero figure said to have brought our name to Jolly Old England from exotic lands. (Normandy.) Upon research, my name’s etymology can be traced to the Nordjylland region of what is now Denmark. This means I at one point conquered myself in my own bloodline. Will the wonders ever cease?

To this end, my name, thus…

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