(((Door to Door Sales)))


Imagine this…it’s four hundred years ago…you and your family live in a community, somewhere in Europe. Your neighbors help define the essence of the community for the consensus amongst the people is to have the freedom to operate under a new system of commerce. There is also the desire to have new models for public education for the children. As well, the ability to pursue new practical methods in medicine and treating those with illness. Observing one’s religious preferences is of high priority.

This is four hundred years ago. There are no chainsaws, no electric drills, no GPS systems and no five/seven/ten day weather forecasts. There is however the will to power.

A courageous decision is made amongst neighbors – more so – kindred spirits.

The trees are knocked down by axe. Saws to cut the wood. Hammers and nails to continue with the assembly. A great big strong ship…

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