A guest post from Pete Young who runs Scotnews on Twitter.

Bank-account Bravehearts

For the SNP, fighting for self-determination, since 2015 at least, has consisted of standing up in Westminster complaining about the Scottish predicament.

Westminster SNP MPs are now part of a political reality show.Their main tasks are handwringing and soundbites.For that, they earn £82k per annum plus expenses.The sole challenge facing them is re-election.

These fake fighters are handed their vulgar salaries by surviving from election to election through carefully timed mentions of ‘independence’ or ‘indyref’.Since they’ve no serious intention of pursuing our historic cause they might as well go back to Labour and every five years promise to abolish the House of Lords.

Holyrood is hardly any better.Since the ascent of the Murrells to absolute power, an SNP MSP now has the status of a nodding dog.

SNP MSPs appear, one and all, to have embraced the…

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