A guest article from my friend Sally Hughes.

I was a front line Police Officer for 25 years, all of it on the beat. I retired last year.

I’ve been a supporter of Scottish Independence forever.

And like many an Indy supporter, this Gender ‘stuff’ when it first appeared on the radar, at first seemed unconnected, a distraction,divisiveeven.

Sadly though, and worryingly, the concerns initially raised, proved to be all too real, and in many respects, the tip of the iceberg.

We are due a huge debt of gratitude to Wings Over Scotland’s creator and Investigative Journalist par none – the Rev Stu Campbell. How I wish though, just once in a while, I wish he would get it wrong.

In my time on the beat, there was seldom a day, and certainly not a full shift went by when I was not dealing with domestic abuse. Almost all of…

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