The Ethical Culture Movement: How did Reform Judaism lead to the modern education curriculum?


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This article is a pretty dense genealogy that includes a lot of important but often overlooked information on the history of globalism.

Although the Ethical Culture Movement (or ‘Ethical Movement’) is relatively unknown today, it was once a lynchpin of the Globalist project. The Ethical Movement helped lay the vital philosophical and political foundations of modern Globalism and spawned a multitude of organizations and movements that retain influence among the elite to this day. While the Ethical Movement still exists, its derivatives, such as the International Humanist movement, have become far more influential.

The Ethical Movement was founded in 1877 by Felix Adler, a Jewish migrant to the United States. Adler attended Columbia University, which is renowned for housing the Frankfurt School (who defined modern Leftist political ideology and strategy) and Franz Boas (the father of race and gender denialism), in addition to educating some…

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