The Eternal Search For Good Information!

American Elephants

Unfortunately we elect people to high office without learning if they actually know anything or will surround themselves with knowledgeable people, and countries sometimes end up with some real dummies. “Britain’s Boris Johnson arrived in Italy for a Group of 20 meeting on Friday with a stark warning: modern civilization could soon lie in ruins like ancient Rome if world leaders don’t act to curb climate change. (This is in preparation for the big G-20 gathering on Friday.) No insult to Boris Johnson intended.

Big Climate Conference in Scotland. Everybody flying in on their private jets to see and be seen. Obviously our Earth is having a climate crisis, is it not? The Climate Crisis news drifted out of the last Davos meeting of the rich and well-heeled. So who says we have too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Seems to be the guy who is pushing for a…

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