Poland’s frontiers collapsing and this time it is not the Germans

Europe Renaissance

Over 1,000 migrants from the Middle East are attempting to breach the Polish-Belarusian border near the crossing point in Kuźnica but were pushed back by a line of Polish officers. Migrants are looking for weak links in a non-existent chain fence.

Polish Border Guardreported that hundreds of migrants tried to cross thePolish-Belarusian bordernear Kuźnica on Monday, and many of them were highly hostile. Armed Belarusian officers were seen to be present behind the huge group of migrants.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, who recently inked an armed alliance with Russia is also hostile and he has had enough of turning his cheek to receive a constant slapping from belligerent Brussels. Europe’s most popular president, who unlike the EU President is actually elected, appears to be goading the beleaguered President Ursula van den Leyen.

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