LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Holding the Line”

There are people with faith in the triumvirate God. There are those with faith in one God. There are those who honor many Gods. There are those who hold the power of nature close. I support the underlying common denominator of there being a power greater than ourselves – the great mystery – to be a foundation for one to lead a structured and disciplined life. The higher power provides that structure for many that lacked such structure before finding faith. This is why I really admire this woman’s words…she speaks some sense to me…

Circle of the Dolphins

“This is the final spiritual battle for the soul of humanity and the Earth. We knew it was going to get crazy. We knew it was going to be incoherent and confusing. We are enduring the collective hologram of mass hypnosis that puts enchantments and spells on those weakened by fear in order to take the blue pill and go to sleep in compliance with the tyrants’ demands. This spiritual battle has shown up as a manufactured hoax that weaponizes others around us and this is another element of what makes it so painful. My God is this time painful!! That people we love, our family, our friends; this manufactured hoax is ripping people apart through divide and conquer tactics rooted in ideological conflicts. This narrative is being conjured by the black magicians, the sorcerers that are evil criminal psychopaths that rely on satanism to support their evil deeds. And…

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