Bad Day: Short Story

The Sperg Box

Emma was a woman. Which wasn’t to say this was a profound commentary, but in some ways it was all you might say. And perhaps that was profound in and of itself. She was rather plain. On the outside. And maybe on the inside, too. Maybe all her problems are all too average now, plain, “vanilla” they say. But that’s a social commentary for another story.

As for our Emma? She was not quite fat, but not too thin. She wasn’t that tall, but you couldn’t say short. Her hair was long, this is true, but the way she wore it made it look shorter. She wore clothes, of course, but they weren’t memorable. If asked to describe her after a day or too, you’d shrug. She’s a woman, is what you’d recall.

Now none of this was a bad thing. In and of itself. And Emma had made peace…

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