An Introduction to Fabian Socialism via Brave New World and 1984


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Updated 1/27/2021

1984 is often mistakenly believed to be a diatribe against Fascism. It’s a reasonable assumption, since the book was published in 1949, immediately after the conclusive defeat of Fascism during the Second World War. In reality, 1984 was a scathing attack on the arch nemeses of Fascism: The Globalist victors of WW2.

Orwell was by no means sympathetic to Fascism, of course. He was an ardent Democratic Socialist who believed that the Allies (UK, USA, USSR) were led by megalomaniacs, and that their victory would lead to the creation of a totalitarian world government that was Socialist and Democratic in name, but oligarchical and tyrannous in nature. And he was 100% correct: The Allies, who had collectively been known as the ‘United Nations’ since the Arcadia Conference in 1942, formalized their UN alliance as the UN world government in 1945, immediately after the Second World…

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