Abu Zahra on Wahhabism


Abu Zahra on Wahhabism

By Gibril F Haddad

Question regarding the evil of Wahhabia

To my mind it is pretty clear, given the extreme violence from groups like Al Qaeda and the extreme repression found in Saudi Arabia, that Wahhabism can be an ideology of evil. …Since most of the writers here know much more about the history of Islam than I do, I would like to learn from what you know.


The Wahhabiyya are the most important sect of latter-day Islam. The late great Scholar of al-Azhar and specialist of Juridical principles (Usul),Imam Muhammad Abu Zahra, wrote in his book on the history of the madhahib (Schools) in Islam titledTarikh al-Madhahib al-Islamiyya(“History of the Islamic Schools”):

“The Wahhabis appeared in the Arabian desert […] and revived the School of Ibn Taymiyya. The founder of the Wahhabiyya is Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Wahhab who died in 1786CE. He…

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