A brief exposé of ‘Global Citizen,’ a Bill Gates and United Nations front organization


I saw an organization called ‘Global Citizen’ shilling some transparently manipulative pro-vax narratives on Twitter and decided to investigate.

Apparently, they also shill a bunch of other wacky Globalist narratives, like “structural racism” somehow being responsible for the destruction of biodiversity. Typical Globalist misdirection that places blame for environmental issues on random White plebs, rather than the elites who control the industrial system and the non-White countries that are responsible for ~90% of global polluting. White plebs don’t have a great deal of control over Globalist industrialists and the recycling policies of China and Africa.

Anyway, it turns out that Global Citizen is part of the Global Poverty Project Incorporated, which pitches itself as an organization dedicated to creating “A world without extreme poverty by 2030.”

Some rudimentary online digging unveils that the Global Poverty Project is actually a front organization for the United Nations. According to the organization’s

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