Third Place: The Socialist Conception of Citizenship (Pt. II of II)

The Fourth Estate

Although I am an American Catholic who spent a good portion of childhood in Europe, most of my life has been spent living in these United States. My personal upbringing contributed to why I have always been cognizant of a belief among Europeans–specifically the Germans–that “Conservatism” and “Socialism” are compatible enough to create a Unity of Opposites. The years between 2011 and 2021 has been a long, perilous intellectual journey to the realize what later became the Work-Standard since it was like a ding an sich. In that same timeframe, I also spent time comprehending what passes as “politics” for most everyday Americans. The experience was more akin to being an incognito detective than a political scientist or even a cultural psychologist–just a part of who I am as an Individual.  

In America, I quickly developed a higher sense of self-awareness on what passes as “American politics” insofar…

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