Principle: Unique Individuals Create Unique Collectives

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

It has often been asserted that every individual is unique. This assertion has ethical implications. Although humans have similarities, they also have differences that ought to be respected. The assertion of the individual’s uniqueness stems from the age-old observation that although humans are very similar, they are also very different. Everyone is different in their own way. This seeming contrast between similarity and difference is no contrast at all, but it is to be seen as part of an abstract whole, and this whole is what I call ‘individual uniqueness’. We have established a philosophical principle and it is important to think about the implications of this principle:

Individuals are unique, so what are peoples? After all, we may define a people as the sum of all its unique individuals. Synonyms for people are group, community, collective, tribe. It follows logically that if individuals are unique…

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