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It’s never easy to watch a damaged, ham-actor person performing in public. It’s alarming to do that if the audience is whooping and hollering in approval of what she says. And it’s impossible to feel anything but sympathy and annoyance in equal measure when you realise the person is an ignoramus who never takes audience questions herself because she has no technical grip on her subject whatsoever.

Greta Thunberg is eighteen years old, looks about eleven, and has a socialisation age of two. She gives very good glare, shakes with confected anger a lot, and is very, very disturbed. All of this seems obvious to me – but not to the thousands of celebs, world leaders and media goose-steppers who fawn all over her. Why they slobber as they do is a complex issue, given that she spends most of her time saying, “We are on the verge of extinction…

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