Leftist Political Dominance as a Consequence of an Infantile Society

Political Reactionary

“A boy of fifteen who is not a democrat is good for nothing, and he is no better who is a democrat at twenty.”

Problem is, even people of sixty are good for nothing today. Thanks to the “everybody wants to be a king” mentality, vast majority of today’s people are democrats.

Even the advertisers are noticing this. Cartoon characters are being used to sell products for adults, such as toilet paper, auto insurance, batteries, laptops… Historically, cartoon and similar infantile characters had been used to sell products to kids, which is a good practice. But these same practices are now being used on the adults.

This is a consequence of the broader trend of infantilization of the Western culture. This trend began well before the advent of smartphones and the social media, but their appearance significantly accelerated it. Infantile behaviours always existed, due to trauma and similar individual causes…

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