2 thoughts on “Denmark–Germany

  1. I am going to comment here again seeing as there was no reply even after repeated prodding regarding this post. Said author VLB has fixation with an alleged reclamation of Schleswig-Holstein which was technically never under the rule nor influence of Denmark to begin with, above all else it was acquired into Germany by fair & justified means, would you not agree that Germany has lost enough territory, why does it need to lose more?

    This fixation by the author is a massive pretentious LARP, if he were so Pro-Denmark as an Ethno-Nationalist why does not explain exactly why this claim is valid to him by historical accounts?

    My wife is half Danish & she does even grasp this man’s so-called Danish Heart, because what he claims is nonsensical.


  2. Schleswig-Holstein has been Ethnically German since the 12th century during the dominion of the Holy Roman Empire (das Heiliges Römisches Reich), it increased being a Germano-centric hold well into the 14th century with prominence of the Hanseatic League.

    What say you, on this? It was never officially administered as a part of Daneland, it was always maintained as a cultural & political buffer zone until the 19th century when Denmark violated this treaty in which case the ethnically German population who protested Danish Militarism & Rule demanded intervention from both Prussia & Austria which culminated in the 2nd Schleswig War (Deutsch-Dänischer Krieg – 1864).

    The Danes were very cocky & foolish for lighting that powder keg.


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