The COP26 Climate Change Bullshit Happening In Scotland: My Take, And The REAL Truth About Climate Change


Over the last few days, some readers have asked my opinion and my ‘take’ on the fiasco that has been taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, where the criminal ‘elite’ that are presently destroying the world with their fraud ‘scam-demic’ have gathered together to discuss HOW they can bring in the ‘next shoe to drop’ in terms of their enslavement of humanity with their bullshit. Climate Change agenda…. I figure I would give some of my own insights and ‘two cents worth’ of what I see with this laughably ludicrous ‘meeting’ and to give some reality checks into what the entire ‘Climate Change’ agenda is all about including the reality of what really does drive this planet’s climate..

OK, I will not go into great detail of what has been happening in terms of that ‘COP26’ fiasco… Other than some key points that I will list here that truly show that…

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