That ‘Other Bailout’: The Fed’s $5 Trillion for Banks & Investors Continues-audio

Jack Rasmus

This past week the federal reserve bank chair, Jerome Powell, declared the monthly ‘free money’ to bankers and investors would continue, reduced from the $120 billion/mo. since the Covid recession began in March 2020 to now ‘only’ $105 billion a month. How and why the Fed pre-bailed out the banks when they didn’t need it, and continues to do so. Listen to Dr. Rasmus’ Alternative Visions radio show of friday November 5 for the Federal Reserve decision. Dr. Rasmus also discusses the jobs numbers released today by the US labor dept. and the ‘endgame’ approaching in the Democrats attempts to pass the Infrastructure & Reconciliation bills in Congress. How the ‘progressives’ keep getting outmaneuvered.




Dr. Rasmus explains how the Federal Reserve has provided $5T in free money to banks and private investors during the Covid recession, when they didn’t…

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