Israel First Followed By China Uber Alles

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America was a dedicated servant of Israel even before Palestine became a British Jewish mandate.  His Majesty’s Jewish Government had promised Palestine to Lord Rothschild and the  Zionists in exchange for helping to get America into the Great War. Otherwise the killing would have stopped in 1915 and that would have ended all the fun in playing the Great Game called World War.

America also entered WW I so that she could bankrupt her Allies in Britain, France and Russia.

If you want to get an idea of the harm done by America, look up “July 1, 1916 worst day in British Military history.” The British Army had 58,000 casualties on that one day at the Battle of the Somme thanks to Woodrow Wilson and the Rothschilds.

That 8,000 American soldiers were blinded or that 130,000  died either in combat or in hospitals after the war did not matter to…

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