How Would You Like to be a Serf ?


Bourgeois Era, Deirdre McCloskey studies the history, evolution, and importance of the middle class from its rise in Western Europe some 400 years ago to the magnificent heights of affluence and power it enjoys today.It is the middle class that made Western Europe and America the great powers they have been for centuries and that has created a standard of living beyond anything imaginable before.

From the beginning, the intelligentsia, the modern-day descendants of medieval scholars and scribes, sought to undermine the middle class and to preserve the hierarchical class structure with which they identified.That is the same autocratic class structure that Hillary had in mind when she labeled ordinary Americans “deplorables” or that explains the creepy hypocrisy of Biden’s working-class persona.

While the idea of “lords and ladies” may seem like ancient history, the fact is that the reactionary thinking of the court intelligentsia is still very much…

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