Fun with George and Cross

The Sperg Box

I fly the King’s Colours. Not because I’m a monarchist. I have no deeply entrenched bias against monarchies nor monarchists, as some of my good friends are monarchists. I have many friends now, with many opinions. Some are Nationalists, some are ethnic Socialists, together they become National-Socialists. Others are ardent (White) Americanists. We all have common cause in an undercurrent which brought us to the places we’ve been and direct us to the place we’d like to go.

As for myself, I consider myself to be Tribalist. If for no other reason than this is an intellectually practicable position for me to hold without needing as many arbitrary hills to metaphorically die and rise on again as I might otherwise. But all glory to he who is crowned King of the Hill. Hail to the Chief, und so weiter.

I fly the King’s Colours, being the Cross of Saint George…

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