Absolute Must Read: RED ALERT: Operation COVID Has TWO Exceedingly Evil Goals -Extermination Of The White Race, And Depopulation Of Christian Nations!


Over the last few months, I have written constantly in my weekend RANTS and a few other articles, about how this entire COVID-19 fraud has been targeting primary WHITE Caucasian nations in an apparent program of mass extermination of WHITE people….

And in spite of a few ‘critics’ who have tried to call me ‘racist’ and a few other laughable phrases, I have yet to be proven wrong in that aspect…. I always show facts that back up such statements, and I have a real bombshell now that I want to present to readers that backs up these facts….

I therefore want to present the following most important report, that comes courtesy of the State Of The Nation website, at http://www.stateof the nation.co, that proves with some great summary of facts, that these monsters running this entire COVID-19 scam have absolutely targeted white, primarily Christian nations, for destruction and full…

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