Yes, the Money Power is Jewish

Real Currencies

Every researcher, author and reformer concerned with the monetary is confronted with the politically incorrect fact that the Money Power is Jewish. Should we circumvent the issue to avoid scaring people away from the all important monetary issue?
Probably not. Let’s stay as close to truth as possible. It ultimately brings the greatest chance of success.

Keith Gardner of the highly informative Liberty Revival Blog recently penned a short and forceful article titled ‘Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech‘. In it he basically states his position on ‘antisemitism’: the notion that the world is ruled by Jewish people. Gardner says for him this ‘antisemitism’ is unacceptable and unnecessary, even damaging to monetary reform.

Since I’m quite certain he had me amongst others in mind when writing the article and since he actually touches upon an important subject, I’ll respond to this. I know Gardner respects Real Currencies, but he…

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