Trumpite Insanity Reaches New Low

Rosamond Press

My movie proposal ‘Rosemary’ is very prophetic.

John John

Capitol rioter Jenna Ryan – sentenced to jail after predicting she was ‘not going to jail’ – blamed the media for her punishment (



MADDOW: Okay, it`s actually kind of simple. You just have to listen closely. At the beginning, when you`re first starting to hear it, it won`t seem like it makes much sense. But just stick with it, let it wash over you, even the Mussolini part, and eventually it will sink in and make sense.


M.L.: General Patton is the grandson of Abraham Lincoln.

MIKE PENNY: Lincoln, yeah.

M.L.: All right. General Patton had a brother which was Benito Mussolini as well who came — so General Patton was the son of William Wallace Lincoln. Benito Mussolini was the son of Thomas “Tad” Lincoln, all right?

Joseph Kennedy, the older brother of…

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