TheGuardian: Vaccinated Unvaccinated – Makes No Difference

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This doesn’t make us friends TheGuardian. I hope you understand that.


The highly touted mRNA vaccine has not had any significant effect on the mortality rate. Whether one is vaccinated or not, the survivability rate (after contracting Covid-19) remains more or less unchanged. The survivability rate is above 98%.


The analysis further suggests that whether an infected individual is themselves fully vaccinated or unvaccinated makes little or no difference to how infectious they are to their household contacts


This tells us that the mRNA mystery juice only lasts for about a few weeks up to 3 months before it becomes useless. How many times has CNN lied to us since then?


The team add that the peak level of virus in infected individuals was the same regardless of whether they were jabbed or not


“What we found, surprisingly, was that already by three…

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